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Private Intelligence Services – SAFE HOUSE SERVICE

The BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP Intelligence team operates internationally to provide critical business information to aid and inform clients’ decision making processes and to protect the client from espionage. The private intelligence is one of our focus services, a core business – covert, overt, and counter-intelligence.

Our team of founding members have formerly been members of elite intelligence services of various countries and perform duties under extreme conditions in some of the most dangerous environments in history. Our teams are capable of conducting complex, long-term, covert or overt operations in all related fields of private intelligence, research and information-gathering tasks.

BSG also is one of the VERY few institutes worldwide that offer professional, top-notch private intelligence study and training courses; see more about our private intelligence training on this web site…

One specialized service in this area is our SAFE HOUSE PROTECTION SERVICE. For a number of possible reasons, clients may need to be to placed in “safe house”, with or without close protection, possibly a new and protected identity and other related services. See the RTL Television movie related to this – click the picture an the top or click HERE

YOU CAN CONTACT US with any queries  – strict confidentiality is of course guaranteed. 

See a full list of our range of various service here.

If you think “James Bond” is only fiction, you’re wrong!

Our business intelligence concept will supply the client with vital information at all levels, from executive profiles and competitor profiles to strategic market intelligence, crucial to the success of any project. Our business intelligence personnel assess the strategy and motivation of commercial parties, which gives our clients leverage in business negotiations. We collect information in any country, by use of our high trained, elite private intel operators. We are ready to work on any level, high risk, and long-term undercover or deep cover.

Our in-depth business intelligence analysis includes:

  • a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat assessment of your company’s prospects and market positioning
  • the identification of key business players, and an examination of their capabilities, liabilities and reputation
  • an analysis of investor or competitor perception of your company

Competitor Intelligence

In an increasingly globalized business environment, timely and accurate intelligence on your competitors’ operations, performance and strategy are the only means to give your company the necessary edge. We will strive to provide the client with top intelligence and analysis of a client’s key competitors. This may include head-hunting tactics to hire strategic employees or the placement of agents-in-place and other intelligence tactics.

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  • Our competitor intelligence services include:
  • determining competitors’ future strategy, top client and employees, suppliers, partners
  • analysis of competitors’ real underlying performance
  • in-depth investigation of business processes and technologies used by competitors
  • a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis of competitors’ prospects and positioning
  • professional data mining
  • and many other options


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