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BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP International Investigation Services

Private Investigation – both for private and corporate clientel – has been bread and butter for the founding members of the BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP for over 30 years and more. Yossie Blumberg and Mike Malak have been working most of their lives as investigators, and have thus a vast world of professional experience in this field. Contact us any time in case you need counsel and/or investigative service – CLICK HERE to find the pertinent web site now…

If you need top-shelf investigation services, look no further!

Our team members are well-versed in a various types of investigations. They have been cross-trained in close protection, undercover operations and other areas of security. We are capable of leading large teams in complex international investigations, or conduct any other type of investigation.

We offer you all investigation related services you might need, from simple to high risk assignments, involving close protection, security and risk management, crisis intervention, loss prevention and asset protection, intelligence services, investigations, private military, travel security management and many more.
COBRA SYSTEMS LLC  is specialized in surveillance, intelligence and worldwide investigation, undercover, agent recruitment and agent handling, counter espionage and counter surveillance and data flow protection, IT protection, services as well as professional training n all the above mentioned areas. We conduct investigations worldwide and on all levels (private, corporate, financial investigations etc.) and cooperate with lawyers or supply our own lawyers to support your law suit, should this be the goal. All operators are highly skilled and very experienced ex-government agents plus many years of internal training and experience in the private security field. we also provide for top notch undercover operators.

We directly cooperate – among other partners – with the BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP and operate in all security fields such as private investigations, competitive intelligence or private military support operations likewise.

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.Steve Jobs

Surveillance is the art of actively observing the most civilized creature on earth – man. Throughout the years, this art has progressed from the simple act of eavesdropping into a modern science requiring sophisticated methodology and practitioners. Skillfully conducting surveillance is an art.

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment!Oprah Winfrey

Experience, teamwork, knowledge of the area, and surveillance techniques are required to perform a successful surveillance.

We specialize in intelligence, counter-intelligence services, worldwide, undercover operation, private and corporate, civil and military. if you need high-class intelligence operators, please contact us any time.

Benefit from our 30+ years of direct, international experience in all types of investigation – from private investigations – civil or criminal – up to large-scale international covert investigations anywhere in the world.

You can CONTACT US RIGHT HERE with your inquiry and questions, or you can visit our Investigation Web site HERE

To see an overview on all our various departments and projects, please click here

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