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VISUALIZATION – the language of your mind

Mental Power through Visualization

Why do Wayne Rooney, Jonny Wilkinson and Andy Murray use visualisation before competition? And could it help you too? Let us explore the powers of the imagination together…
Imagination, also known as MENTAL IMAGERY – or, as we call it, THE POWER OF VISUALISATION – doesn’t only work for football players, or sportsmen, it works for EVERYONE. We have been working with security operators, law enforcement, military personnel and with martial artists and people for a long long time. We have developed a special concept which deals with stress, fear, panic and helps develop a mentual attitutude known as “warrior heart”, or simply put “courage”. Courage is not the absence of fear.
Courage is the ability to be able to FUNCTION under the influence of fear and stress.
But mental imagery is much more than that. The POWER of VISUALISATION is a kind of inner strength and healing power. As we have laid out on this Facebook page, our concept also assist medical healing. With the POWER of VISUALISATION you become aware of your inner powers and learn how to use them. It has been proven that even muscle growth is considerably faster and higher; body builders have reached higher muscle gain with mental imagarey, compared when using the same training but without mental imagery.
But HOW does it work for Wayne Ronney…? Here’s how he uses mental imagery:
On the evening before a Premier League football match, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney habitually asks the club’s kit man what colour shirts, shorts and socks the team will wear the next day. It’s not that Rooney is a closet fashionista eager to match the colour of his boots, underpants or hair transplants to the shades of his team’s battle garb. Rooney’s mind craves forensic details before a game for one special purpose: to enhance the accuracy of his psychological preparation.  CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE ON FACEBOOK….

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