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SHARK Striker ® – legal and efficient self-defense with this brilliant tool – why security staff love this tool

Original SHAR Striker ® Defense Tool

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Posted by SHARK Striker Defense Tool on Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Basic Striker technqiues

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SHARK Striker ® – a legal and “non-lethal” version of the SHARK Karambit allows the legal, ethical use of this defense tool for personal and tactical self-defense, and it’s therefore particularly ideal for security personnel. The first production of the SHARK Striker was sold out extremely quickly – now this excellent safety product is available again.

SHARK STRIKER is NOT a knife (even if it is exactly the same size, shape and weight as the SHARK Karambit) – it has NO cutting edge and no sharp knife tip. The SHARK Striker legally falls into the same category as “Defense Pens”, Kubotan or other legal defense tools. But the SHARK STRIKER offers more LEGAL defense options than other products in this category.

Compared to other products:

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Brass Knuckles – Brass knuckles are generally prohibited in most countries in the western world public carry, or even possession, purchase, and/or sale are prohibited. The SHARK Striker is not a brass knuckle per se but allows defense techniques with blocks and counters with full protection of the hand – the Striker is made of steel and can be used to attack parts of the body where you would otherwise break your fingers (bones, elbows, knees, shins, head). The Striker protects the entire hand – it’s truly an “edge made of steel for your hand”.

Kubotan – little hand sticks, made of wood or other materials, are very useful, but offer only limited techniques. Such a Kubotan only offers techniques essentially in two directions, namely with the two ends. The SHARK Striker, however, allows use from any hand position in all directions, up, down, right, left, forward, backward. This enables all Kubotan techniques, plus numerous additional techniques, from any position of your hand. Due to the special construction of the Striker, nerve pressure techniques are particularly effective.

Knives – the use of knives for self-defense is legally very problematic. There are – even if knife attacks are unfortunately part of everyday life now – predominantly significantly MORE situations in which we (especially as security personnel) cannot find any legal justification for pulling or let alone using a knife. Due to the deadly nature of the knife, this is simply not legally possible in most situations. The SHARK Striker is based on the SHARK Karambit in shape, size and weight, but it has no cutting edge or knife tip. Thus, it’s legally NOT a knife – cuts and stabs (penetrating the body) are not possible, and that is intentionally so. Nevertheless, the Striker allows all karambit techniques (but with non-lethal force), and is also the perfect training device for karambit fans

Throwing stars – the SHARK Striker is not a throwing star (shuriken), but with just a little practice, a Striker can be thrown very effectively in order to distract and stop an attacker, as a surprise technique

Specific Striker advantages – the construction of the SHARK Striker allows, as mentioned, blocks and counter techniques in almost 360 ° from any hand position – in all directions up, down, front, back, right and left. The shape of the Striker offers contact points with the “ring” at the head end, the blunt tip, the “blade” (side, top and bottom) and with the “shark fin”, for nerve pressure techniques, for blocking, counter attacks and much more. Due to the design, resembling a karambit, the Striker is always very securely in your hand – having it taken away by an opponent is almost impossible (excellent weapon retention), and the Striker does not slip out of your hand even with sweaty or bloody hands!

The design of the SHARK Striker is registered with the German Patent Office and thus protected. This Defense Tool is being produced in Europe by Cobra Systems LLC, it’s only available through Cobra Systems LLC and its licensed distributors (dealer inquiries are welcome).

SHARK STRIKER ® – registered trade mark – is an extraordinary, indestructible, fixed steel tool, which allows a particularly versatile application for close combat and self-defense. In the area of SECURITY SERVICE, the use of sharp knives, even for police officers, is legally and ethically very problematic at best. Security guards and private citizens cannot easily use a knife to defend themselves. There is also the risk of self-harm from sharp knives. All of these problems are eliminated with the “Striker”.

The SHARK Striker ® allows reliable and safe:

– “STABS” – with the different contact points of the STRIKER you can strike, poke or push extremely effective against nerve points and other body parts

– BLOCKS – effective defense against fists, kicks, or even against knives, sticks, etc.

– STRIKES – use the STRIKER’s contact points to counter with strikes

– HACKING – especially effective due to the “shark fin”

– “SAWING” – inflicting a world of pain on an aggressor with the steel edge by “sawing” muscles and bones

– “PIN DOWN” A ATTACKER – Pressure against certain parts of the body while performing holds or arresting techniques (nerve pressure techniques)

– RELEASE HOLDS to free yourself (nerve pressure techniques)

– RELEASE CHOKES (nerve pressure techniques)



– use of hand techniques against parts of the opponent’s body where you would normally injure your hand (such as bones, etc.)

– and many more


Self-defense with the “hand edge made of steel” – infinitely more security against injuries than fighting with bare hands. Perhaps the most versatile legal defense tool in the world – SHARK Striker ® – video and seminar training available for beginners up to the instructor level. Intuitive use, extremely easy and fast to learn.

Additional information about the product itself and the possibility to ORDER YOUR SHARK Striker ® now – CLICK HERE.

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