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SURVIVAL SELF-DEFENSE – how to save your skin in case of mugging, rapes and robberies while hiking or camping – SHARK Striker

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Hiking and camping are still very popular, millions of people travel to campsites and hike on trails every year. I myself (old infantryman) are still a big fan of hiking and marching.

What has been a problem since time immemorial, and again is increasingly common today, is rarely or not at all discussed in hiking or camping guides: robberies. Yes, folks, this is a real danger, and even in the age of mobile homes and RV’s this topic is as current as it was back in the Middle Ages and in prehistoric times. There are plenty of human predators, even organized in international gangs – as my brother-in-law had to find out not long ago during a vacation in the camper when he was attacked and robbed.

This happens in relatively busy areas and even on organized campsites (not to mention theft). But those who hike or camp outdoors in nature are in even greater danger. Rapes and muggings on joggers are a sad topic almost daily in the newspapers, but the danger to hikers is being far too neglected, and the tourism industry is not very keen on such reports. But they still exist: the robbers lurking in the forest for their victims. And that’s why the topic of self-defense is also an important subject in connection with survival and nature hiking.

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If you hike or camp in the wild and if something goes wrong there, it can take a while for help to arrive – if you even have the opportunity to call for help at all. Therefore, you have to take your own security into your own hands. For long hikes in remote areas, you are usually on your own. So if you are attacked, you have to be able to stop an attacker with very resolute and effective measures. On the other hand, as an upright citizen, you do not want to take illegal weapons with you, nor do you want the defense measures themselves to go beyond the permitted level of self-defense or emergency rescue.

In addition, it makes a lot of sense to train only ONE system if possible, but with which you can defend yourself in ALL situations. So at home, in the city, at work, on the bus, on the train or on vacation, while jogging, at the campsite, while hiking etc. It would not be wise and it would be confused and unsettled if you could do something different for every situation to use his defense.

The SHARK Striker ® is therefore the ideal defense instrument. The Striker is light and small, and can be taken anywhere. It is indestructible and at the same time extremely agile and extremely versatile. It can be used in various ways, with different levels of violence – this enables a legally and ethically correct and appropriate defense. The striker is particularly effective and inflicts considerable pain on an attacker, but in doses (as necessary) and to the appropriate extent to protect itself. The SHARK Striker ® is “non-lethal” – that is, unlike a knife, for example, its use is defensive and does not in principle risk serious or fatal injuries. Legally, when justifying self-defense, this may be of considerable importance.

That is why the use and carrying is LEGAL, because the striker is not a weapon, not a knife, but a defensive defense instrument, legally comparable to a Kubotan (hand stick), the now popular “defense pens” and other legal means of defense. Unlike many other means of defense, the striker can be optimally combined with all commonly known close combat movements (e.g. Boxing, Wing Chun, Silat, Kali, BJJ, Krav Maga etc.). Only a few people know the Striker so far – which means in a self-defense situation, you’ll have a surprise advantage. The striker is very inconspicuous and can be held hidden in your hand until you use it. The Striker’s special design has been registered with the German Patent Office and is protected accordingly by the patent laws. CLICK HERE NOW to read our detailed article about the SHARK Striker ® and its uses …

If you are attacked now – when hiking in the wild or on a campsite – it happens very quickly! Of course, this can basically be applied to any everyday situation. So you don’t have a lot of time to react. That is why it is very important to wear the striker correctly – you have to choose a suitable position on the body to have your striker in hand in all situations within a second. All of these things are of course included in our Striker training.

A bit of training is necessary to really take full advantage of the Striker’s versatility. The SHARK Striker ® allows a very intuitive application that is extremely easy and quick to learn, but to be able to react quickly and correctly in a stressful situation, you have to practice with the Striker every now and then, preferably with a partner. With the purchase of a Striker, you’ll receive a detailed basic training (videos), and seminars from beginner to trainer level are also available.

Yes, robberies and violent attacks occur again and again at hiking or camping events. Sometimes it is simply a matter of mobbing by drunks or a campsite neighbor feels disturbed etc. But there are also predators lurking in the bushes … and I mean that literally.

Crime does not stop outside the city walls, it even occurs preferentially in remote places. Why? Because the police are far away and can take up to 30 minutes to rush to help if necessary. So help is NOT to be expected, the police almost always only come when the crime has already happened. So we have to take our own security into our own hands. The SHARK Striker ® makes this possible – it is an excellent device for everyone, especially for women. Easy to carry. Easy to learn. And the basic training in the form of videos is already included in the purchase price. And you can even become a licensed trainer, help fellow human beings and earn a little money on the side!

Whatever type of attack takes place, with a SHARK Striker ® you can defend yourself effectively and very quickly. You are always ready to protect yourself and your loved ones. The Striker is “a steel edge of your hand” that you can use to not only inflict considerable pain, but you can also ward off armed attacks with sticks, knives or other edged or blunt-force arms much more safely than would be possible with your bare hand.

Even wild animals or malicious dogs of all kinds can be warded off – provided the necessary training (included with your Striker), the SHARK Striker ® offers you protection and security. Remember: in the great outdoors, help is often 30 minutes or more away. With the Striker, you get the maximum flexibility and at the same time ONE system for all situations, a legal self-defense tool, which you can actually always carry with you because it is small enough, inconspicuous and light. And you can even carry 2 or 3 and share this outstanding instrument with others in a hiking group. Let’s hope you never have to face an attack yourself, but in today’s world, we always have to count on it. With the Striker, you have a better chance of defending yourself safely and effectively when necessary.

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