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PPO- THE CONCEPT – a comprehensive training for close protection specialists and for personal safety and self-defense


CLOSE PROTECTION TRAINING for private citizens and/or professional use in close protection – “THE CONCEPT”, a complete training program personal and close protection from Brillstein and Cobra Services LC


personal protection and self-defense – live safer INSTANTLY by using close protection principles

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close protection training – start a career as an international close protection specialist


Top-notch training for personal protection, security, self-defense and professional work as close protection operators – modular training, step by step, up to the highest level with the latest methodology

What is the video above all about?

  • For more details, use the links down below please
  • The professional realities of private, civil close protection
  • How to use close protection principles for your private security
  • Why prevention is a more crucial factor in protecting yourself than, for instance, firearms
  • What exactly do you do as a citizen to increase your chances so that you won’t become chosen by criminals as their prey?
  • Improvement of situational awareness, attention as the basis of prof. close protection
  • The problem of “fixing on tasks” – a kind of “tunnel vision”
  • Defuse disputes – deescalate both verbally and physically
  • The importance of a full range of self-defense tools – and we do NOT necessarily mean firearms …
  • Isn’t that all a form of paranoia? Not correct! Attention is NOT paranoia, but „safety-oriented thinking“ – and you already USE THAT successfully, without being aware about it!
  • The legal implications of self-defense or firearm use
  • Safe at home, in the office or in the hotel – safe house strategies
  • Maintaining awareness of the situation while driving or parking
  • The importance of cars in close protection
  • and much more

CLICK THESE LINKS to find and /or download more information (links as mentioned in the video):

BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD – use close protection strategies for your personal safety and self-defense – short seminars and video training

PPO The Concept – professional training modules 2 and 3 – more more details on this top-notch training from Brillstein and Cobra Services LC

ask questions about these training opportunities

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